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The transition from good health to needing medical care is one of the hardest things you can go through. Learning to work with doctors and hospitals takes all one's energy. The emotional strength needed to cope with the trauma of helping someone close to you who has just lost some degree of mobility or strength can be the final straw.

So why should finding the equipment you need be another drain? This site is dedicated to taking that load off. Whether you need forearm crutches or personalized canes, a Bayer esprit glucometer or tall pants medical uniforms, we can help you locate it easily. If fish print scrub tops are just the thing to help your child cope with being sentenced to bed for a couple of weeks, or a sun canopy for mobility scooter is going to make it possible to get a parent out of the house, our goal is to make the unusual accessible.

If you find yourself looking for something NOT on the list, email us at the address below and let our experts go searching for disposable glove importers for you, find a used wheel chair platform lift, or get you information on forearm crutches prices. At Medical Equipment Distributors, we'd rather you take care of your family, and let us worry about where a girlleg brace or accupuncture for high blood pressure are coming from. We're here to help you.


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